By Teresa A. Swift

Teresa Ann Swift provides a compelling look at the life of a black woman and her survival. Her dignity, sense of style and perseverance is in the remembrance of the grace of butterflies.

–Ollie Coleman Jones, Ms. Connecticut Senior America, 2014  

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A young black girl born in the year 1856

Born into slavery, Mint, a young Black girl in the year 1856, is anything but ordinary. She possesses the intellectual skills, love of knowledge, and the charisma of someone much older—and not that of a slave. Her Master owns the Robertson Plantation where he is held in high regard to the slaves as he treats them as people. Master has a specialized place for Mint and rewards her daily with a gift of candy of the same name. Mint’s life is happy as she works and visits her special place each day as a young girl until someone reveals the horrifying life of slaves on other plantations. Her naïve worldview begins to shift as she realizes what she was told is true—and it begins to happen to her as she reaches maturation.

"Resilience, Gratitude, Self-determination and Freedom

these are the powerful words that come to mind when I think of the brilliant writing of author Teresa Swift as she tells the story of the audacious Mint. "
Tara Ayers

Teresa A. Swift

About the author

Teresa Swift lives in the Washington DC, Metropolitan area with her husband Robert. She is a mother and grandmother. Teresa started her writing career after working for twenty years in the Mortgage industry. She has self published several children’s books and a novel. She is also the co-founder of Need Change Now, a non-profit organization that addresses global warming and the effects it causes on low to moderate-income minority communities. This is her second novel.

Eugene W. Grant

Mayor, Seat Pleasant 

A Smart City of Excellence 

“Thank you for sharing this masterful literary piece. This book will truly catch a readers interest as they learn how Mint endured the struggles of her life.” 

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